Accelerated Piano Lessons

serving Alpharetta, Johns Creek and Cumming, GA

Accelerated Piano Lessons in Alpharetta, GA

Our ACCELERATED PIANO Lessons in Alpharetta solve the problems piano students and their parents face every day in traditional piano lessons.

Struggling to Practice? NOT ANYMORE.

Our students say “I LOVE PRACTICING PIANO” – not “I would like to play the piano but I don’t want to practice.”

One hour under the supervision of a teacher gives them the time they need to learn a new piece, get all the corrections and master it by the end of the lesson with NO MISTAKES! Students feel motivated to practice at home because of the confidence they gain during their piano lesson.

Not Moving Fast Enough? NOT ANYMORE.

If you feel your child hasn’t been progressing quickly enough in piano lessons, you won’t be able to believe how quickly they move at Piano Alpharetta.

The Accelerated Piano Program allows students to learn more pieces than traditional piano lessons; therefore, they move significantly faster in their books compared to individual lessons.

Don’t know how or what to practice? NOT ANYMORE.

Parents who are not musicians often have difficulty assisting their children with practice at home. Students at Piano Alpharetta know exactly how to practice on their own.

Our piano teachers give students strategies to implement corrections themselves and therefore learn to tackle practice problems on their own with less parent involvement.


Do you hear your child say “I am not good at piano”? Let’s turn it into “I want to work hard at piano because I know I will be great someday!”

Students are more receptive to corrections when the corrections are made at the beginning of the learning process rather than after the mistakes become a part of their muscle memory. Playing their pieces like a pro as soon as they leave their lessons brings a huge boost in their confidence.

Missing Lessons because you are busy? NOT ANYMORE.

The Accelerated Piano Program provides the families the opportunity to come for unlimited makeup lessons!

Piano Lessons in Alpharetta, GA

Students enrolled in our Accelerated Piano Lessons in Alpharetta spend one hour each week with an experienced piano teacher. The “hard” work is completed with their piano teacher during their lesson, so they can have FUN at home!

Our Accelerated Piano Program has been shown to dramatically improve a student’s sight reading skills, which is the #1 skill students need to learn music quickly. This allows the student to learn more music each week and helps children move through their books faster.

Our experienced piano instructors show students effective practice techniques as well as amazingly fun review games during their lessons.

What does all of this mean? Home practice is all about review and increasing speed- which minimizes the need for parental supervision during home practice!

We had a great trial lesson with Estelle. I was impressed with how she interacted with my children, especially when she asked them if they had any questions and the older one asked how the piano worked. I loved that she walked through it with her and lifted the top of the piano to show her. It was important to me to find somebody who was good with working with children, and the fact that Estelle took that question so seriously told me that she was going to be a great teacher for them. -Jennifer


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