Samantha de Zayas Muñoz

Meet Samantha de Zayas Muñoz, a dedicated piano teacher with roots tracing back to the vibrant musical landscape of Cuba. Armed with an Undergraduate degree in Instrumental Performance, specializing as a Piano Teacher and Ensemble Practitioner, a Bachelor of Music with a focus on Musicology, and a Master’s degree in Sociocultural Studies with a specialization in Music, Samantha brings over 22 years of dedicated musical pursuit to her role as an educator.
Samantha embarked on her journey as a music teacher 14 years ago, gaining valuable experience in nurturing the musical talents of children. In Cuba, alongside her endeavors as a professional musician, directing her own musical ensemble, and collaborating with classical and popular music groups, she served as a music teacher at “The Benny Moré Music and Arts Conservatory.” There, she had the privilege of guiding students aged 4 to 15 from 2009 until 2023 when she ventured to the USA.
Having proudly graduated several generations of students, many of whom have gone on to become teachers and professional musicians, Samantha is well-versed in crafting comprehensive study programs. Her expertise extends across Piano, Musical Initiation, Solfeggio, Music History, and Music Theory. She specializes in developing tailored study programs and functional piano repertoires for children, employing strategies that align with their unique learning styles. Samantha’s skills encompass classroom planning, school and cultural activities, and the creation of classes adapted to the cognitive specificity of each child.
Witnessing her students embrace a new instrument and integrate it into their lives and future endeavors brings Samantha immense personal satisfaction. Teaching music to children is not just a profession but her passion, as it serves to broaden their cultural horizons and introduces them to a new world, a language that transcends words — the language of music.
Join Samantha on this musical journey, where learning becomes a personalized and enriching experience for every child.


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