Music Lessons

in Alpharetta, GA

Aside from utilizing a personalized piano method, PianoAlpharetta teachers also tailor their teaching to the strengths, weaknesses and interests of the individual student by understanding their personalities and combining or inventing materials for their program.

Students learn ear-training, theory, sight-reading, and eurhythmics as additional parts of their lessons. Mainly to show ways of discovering their own creativity, we encourage them to improvise on the piano by teaching harmony and showing the endless possibilities of piano playing.

Throughout the years with different recital opportunities, students are able to perform pieces of their own and from the classical or popular repertoire for their parents, relatives and friends.

Also another emphasis of our teaching is the worldwide knowledge of music genres, music history and art that we teach with fun games and craft assignments.

We had a great trial lesson with Estelle. I was impressed with how she interacted with my children, especially when she asked them if they had any questions and the older one asked how the piano worked. I loved that she walked through it with her and lifted the top of the piano to show her. It was important to me to find somebody who was good with working with children, and the fact that Estelle took that question so seriously told me that she was going to be a great teacher for them. Ms. Ipek's teaching style promotes learning through consistent encouragement and is growth oriented. The Honors Recital this past Sunday was the best student recital I have attended in the six years of my children's music lessons. I have been so disappointed in the past that this was truly encouraging. The quality of the studio and the teachers came through the music. Soojung is patient and awesome with children! Estelle has made herself available for any concerns and makes the lessons likeable Estelle is super friendly, super patient with kids, just a great teacher. You (Ipek) have been a God send to our son as he does love and respect you! I thank you for taking him on and for your patience as he is not the conventional student. Ms. Yelena's teaching style promotes learning through consistent encouragement and is growth oriented. Soojung is more than perfect. Excellent with kids. Estelle is very conscious of when to speed up or slow down a lesson, and it's perfect for my kids who are different ages. They're both learning so much and I'm happy that we've opted for one-on-one lessons with Estelle. Our experience with Piano Alpharetta has been top notch in every way. We are very pleased with the progress our children have made in their time there. Ms. Yelena is good, she is patient, she is punctual, she knows a lot! Soojung provides plenty of encouragement and is understanding when it comes to practice goals. She is a great teacher Ipek has adapted to my two different children and given them different goals based on their abilities. Ipek has been nothing short of a joy to learn from. She consistently impresses me with how she can tap into how I learn/understand things when teaching piano techniques and musical expression in general. I had previously had a bad experience with my previous teacher and was looking for someone new and close to where I live. I specifically chose PianoAlpharetta due to the experience and training of Ipek that I found online, plus confirming it once I had my first trial lesson. Estelle is very patient, encouraging, and tailors teaching to my level Ms. Estelle is very kind and very well know how to handle a toddler and keep them focused. My daughter liked her very much. Our son is happy with the coaching he gets from Mrs. Brooks. He has learned a lot over the past few years. His growth in music has been tremendous, thanks to Mrs. Brooks. Dr. Jeon is extremely patient and encourages my daughter to do well. Ms. Ipek is the best at what she does :) After moving to Alpharetta, we wasted a year of lessons at another school which at which my daughter received very low quality lessons. I finally decided to search for more serious lessons where the time was not wasted. I called Piano Alpharetta and explained what I was looking for lessons with more rigor. After the trial lesson, we were convinced. Ms. Soojung has made lessons fun for my son. He always looks forward to his lesson and has never complained about them. Dr. Brooks made a great first impression (aside from the noted accolades and achievements). She's passionate about all things piano and more importantly, she seems to understand children well and her lessons teach beyond just playing the piano. She's very no nonsense and values everyone's time to the minute and very compassionate while doing so! "Excellent place for kids to learn piano. The teachers are very professional especially Miss Soojung. She is very patient with the student but still keeps them challenged to keep doing better and keep reaching high. She is very professional about her work and does it with great delight and joy. I would highly recommend this place."
"Both my kids learn piano at Piano Alpharetta. They love their teacher and look forward to their piano lessons every week. Its heartwarming to see how they have grown into expressing themselves through playing the piano. I have recommended this place to a couple of friends and they both enrolled their kids and are very happy with the teachers here. I strongly recommend Piano Alpharetta to anyone who is looking for a music filled life."
"My daughter has been going to Piano Alpharetta for about 3 years now. We couldn't be more impressed with the progress she has made over these years. Dr. Brooks is very disciplined, yet amazing as a teacher! She cares about her students. My daughter is really comfortable with her and looks forward to piano lessons every week. If you are looking for structured curriculum and professional coaching, this is definitely the place to be!"


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